Year 6 Learning NO.1

A HUGE thank you to all of you who have already sent us photos of your learning and/or photos of you completing the Bear Grylls challenges – they have been a little bit tricky!

We have really enjoyed discovering where in the world you are going to be building your hotels. You have chosen lots of interesting locations and the fact files that you produced were very interesting and well presented. Comparing your hotel location to your chosen UK location has produced some contrasting climates and weather conditions!

Below are some examples that we are delighted to share, including some brilliant Daily Maths Challenges.

What a great start to your Home Learning Year 6 – we look forward to seeing more examples of it. Don’t forget to send your photos to us on our Year6 email address, we can’t wait to ‘hear’ from you!

Please click on the 3 great videos for the BGs Challenge!

Next, we have the front pages for the PowerPoints and presentations (click on the pdfs below to find out more about each country):