Thursday 4th February Y6 (wk5)

Today, it is time for some staff training. The people, who you have employed, need to be taught how to deal with customers and how to deal with money.

English task:

You are going to give your staff members’ different scenarios, which they might encounter whilst working in the shop. They (you) have to write down how they (you) would deal with each situation. They (you) need to think about:

  • What they would say
  • What they would do
  • Who they would tell

Here is a modelled example to help you (your response needs to be in complete sentences of course):

Scenario:  A worried parent has just approached you as they have lost their child somewhere in store.

What would you do?  I would reassure them that their child cannot have gone far. I will ask them the name of the child and what they are wearing then I will go over to the Customer Services section and ask them to put an announcement out over the public speaker system. Hopefully, someone in store will recognise the child and bring them over to us. I will let the Store Manager know what has happened and fill it out in the Store Incident Book.

Here are your scenarios – please do at least 2:

1./  An angry teacher has approached you down the snack aisle and moans  that her favourite crisp flavour seems to be out of stock!

2./  A toddler is having a tantrum and is screaming very loudly because his mum has refused to buy him the sweets that he wants!

3./  A shopper has come into the store with no mask on!

4./  A dog has suddenly run into the shop and is causing chaos by running up and down the different aisles whilst barking madly!

5./  A shopping trolley has accidentally bumped into a display of stacked baked beans. The display has collapsed and tins of bins are now rolling around on the shop floor creating a hazard!

Good luck with your staff training – we look forward to reading their (your) responses!

Daily Maths task:

Till training!

Today, you are going to make sure that your employees can handle cash correctly by setting them a variety of money word problems. You need to work out the answers first, of course. You can choose either Money Questions 1 (see picture or PDF) or Money Questions 2 (see picture or PDF) – Money Questions 2 are more challenging for you more confident mathematicians out there!

I have provided an answer sheet for each set of questions as well, so you can check that you are correct before asking your employees to tackle them.

Extension:  Can you generate your own money questions (and answers) for others in your household to answer?

Quick Maths Challenge (NEW):

Bear Grylls Challenge: The 100 Hit (or kick) Challenge

Can you keep a ball in the air for 100 hits or kicks? Please send/upload us a video or photo.

ICT Link to an online activity: Guardians Defenders of Mathematica

Pit your skills against your enemies with weapons. Lots of different maths areas to choose from.

Daily Online Lesson (Oak Academy): Solving a money problem

Message of the day:

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.”

Dale Carnegie – writer