Spellings – singular to plural – Week beginning: 21st February

This week, our focus is spelling words that change from singular to plural. In class, we will be exploring how words change when they are made plural from singular, including the examples listed below. Your child will know which set of words they need to be learning to help with their spelling activities.

Thank you.

LO: To turn singular nouns into plurals.

Spelling pattern: ‘-ies’ or ‘add s’.

  1. memories
  2. countries
  3. journeys
  4. discoveries
  5. mysteries
  6. enemies
  7. families
  8. trolleys
  9. activities
  10. batteries
  1. babies
  2. bodies
  3. monkeys
  4. berries
  5. ladies
  6. valleys
  7. hobbies
  8. donkeys