Recycled Robots!

This morning, we had a special visitor in Year 6 – Mr Knight with R2D2!

Embracing our theme, learning about the environment, Mr Knight demonstrated how we can use and recycle everyday materials, which we would normally throw away. We were very impressed with some of the unexpected items he used to create his R2D2.

We have been tasked by N.A.F.I.R (National Association for Intergalactic Research) to create our own planet and they suggested that we design a robot that could assist us on our new world. We had to think carefully about the design as well as what features the robot might require depending on the habitats it may be exposed to. In addition, we considered what resources we would need.

Next Wednesday, we will be making our models so please remember to get collecting and bring in to school any recycled yoghurt pots, tin cans, foil, buttons and any other bits and bobs which will make your robot come to life. Be resourceful!