Actions for sounds s,a,t,p,i,n,m,d



Here are the actions to go with the sounds we have been learning.  Please use your child’s sound box to practise making words that they can read by ‘pressing the buttons’ to blend the sounds e.g m-a-p = map, d-a-d = dad, t-a-p = tap.


s – weave hand like a snake and say ssssssssss


– move tips of fingers up arm like ants are crawling up, say a, a, a


t – turn head side to side as if watching a tennis ball go over the net, say t, t, t


p– hold up finger as if it is a candle and puff it out  p, p, p


i – hold hands up to face and wiggle fingers as if they are whiskers,  i,i,i


n – arms out to the side like an aeroplane, say nnnnnnnnnn


m – rub tummy, say mmmmmmmm


d – play the drums, say d,d,d,