Telling stories

We love to use the small world resources to act out scenarios and tell stories. Yesterday, some girls used the blocks, ponies and dinosaurs and I scribed their story. You can see how we are picking up story language such as one day, suddenly, so.


One day one little pony did not have a mum or dad but suddenly a magical fairy godmother appeared and told the baby a wish. “You must say the magic words to find a mum ziggedy zaggedy zoo“. And then a mum appeared and the dinosaurs suddenly recognised they wanted to be in charge of the baby. So one night the dinsosaurs carried the baby away to  a underground home and they put lots of dinosaurs around so she couldn’t get out. Suddenly they ran out of friends. The mum woke up and said “Why did you do that?” . The magic godmother made her appear again and they lived happily together. The end.