Visit from a Police Officer

Continuing on from last week, today we had another visitor – a Police Officer! Archie’s mummy came to talk to us about how the Police help us to be safe and some of the things she does. We all know that they put robbers in jail, but it was good to hear about how the Police can help us if we are lost, have an accident or forget some of the rules which we all need to follow.  We soon spotted the handcuffs and baton, but Archie’s mummy told us how she always talks to people first and uses her words. She told us a good idea – if you go somewhere very big and busy, ask mummies and daddies to write their phone number on a piece of paper and put in your pocket, just in case you get lost.

Some of us then set up a police station/jail in the role play area and were keen to be Police Officers.