Learning from home – Lego subtraction game

You will need:

  • a tower of lego bricks for each player (start with 10, then try 20)
  • a dice (or pick some numbers out of a hat – start with subtracting 1,2,3 as this is easier)

How to play:

  • roll the dice and subtract that many bricks, saying what you are doing e.g “I had 10 but I need to take away 2…that makes 8 because take away 1 is 9, takeaway 2 is 8”
  • the first player to get rid of all their bricks is the winner

Try to:

  • encourage children to work out how many they will have left by counting back or using their fingers, then check by counting
  • scribe for the children what calculations you are doing e.g 8=10-2