Hello to you all! We are missing you and look forward to being back at school. We have been busy at home and we are sure you have been too – let us know what you have been up to! I’m not very technical so can’t do a video – Mrs B might be able to – but here we are having a catch up on video call the other day. Enjoy the nice weather we are having and keep safe.


  1. Miss Johnston says:

    Hi Phoebe,

    It sounds like you have been up to some great stuff at home! I would love to hear your story – email us on our year group email so that we can read it!

    Miss J x

  2. Phoebe Marks says:

    Phoebe misses you all so much! Phoebe has been doing some maths, some writing and a lot of colouring! She has been doing PE in the garden with daddy and doing lots of maths colouring!

    Today we are going to have a go at writing her very own story!

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