Maths skills

Here are a few Maths skills to practise. You can count and recognise numbers anywhere, doing anything! There are lots of opportunities in daily life e.g when cooking, using remote controls, looking at house numbers, counting how many birds they see on a walk etc.

Counting – count one by one or count 2 objects at a time. You could also try counting in 10s

Numberline – make a numberline to practise number recognition, counting forwards and backwards. You can take a number away for children to guess or see how quickly they can order them again.

Doubles – build some memory for small doubles e.g 5+5, 3+3, 10+10.

Addition by counting on – children can count both groups to find the total but they can move on a bit by counting on. So if you have 4 sweets and 5 more, they could count each one to 9. Or they could recognise that they have 4, so can count on 5 more – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

Subtraction – children can physically take objects away and count what is left. They might cover some up to see what is left. They could count back e.g if there were 8 cats and 3 ran away, they might say minus 1 is 7, minus 2 is 6 and minus 3 is 5.

Shapes – look for flat and 3D shapes everywhere. Keep reminding children if the names of them.

Measure – you can talk about the length, height and weight of things as they play. Going shopping and cooking is good for weighing.