Monday 1st June – Home Learning Idea

‘Twirling and twisting’ – butterflies

Two Butterflies And Flowers Stock Image - Image of many ...

When butterflies fly together, they twist and twirl in and out of each other.

Ask an adult to help you with these questions:

  • How do they twist or twirl?
  • Are there things that make it harder or easier to twist? 888 sport
  • What other animals/insects can do the same?
  • Do you have anything in your home that twists or twirls?
  • Can you twist or twirl? How many ways can you find?

English – how many different sounds can you hear or see in the words twisting and twirling? مراهنات التنس How many syllables are there in each word?

Maths – can you count in twos? كيفية اللعب في bet365 2, 4, 6…

Have a lovely day!

Miss Reece