Games we play during Talking and Listening time

We have been playing some games during Talking and Listening time. We have played listening games, thinking games, strategy games, Phonics and Maths games. We also have been singing and reading stories. Some of us have really been listening and joining in – well done!

Why? Because….
We had to think about who, where and what was happening and then why that was happening.
Playing Sixes – you have to roll the dice and add more until you get to 6.
Song Basket – we can choose items to sing about.
Three in a Row
Listening to clues to work out what the object is.
It has a shell…what is it? Snail, turtle tortoise…it was an egg!
It is something you out things in…what is it? A bag, a pocket, a tray…it was a basket!
It is something you use in your hair…what is it? A scrunchie. bow, comb
It is something you wear…clothes, shoes, socks, shorts…it was trousers!