Building a tower – an addition game

We played a game where we had to make a tower of 8 blocks. We took turns to roll the dice to add blocks and count how many altogether. It got us using some good language to do with addition. Some of us knew 1 more and 2 more and some of us counted all the blocks to work out the total.

We needed 2 teams and a 1,2,3 dice.
“Ours is bigger than yours!”
“Your tower has 1 more brick than my one”
“2 more makes 5. 1 more is 4, 2 more is 5”
“They are the same!”
“We both have 5. How many more do we need to get to 8? 1 more is 6, 2 more is 7, 3 more is 8. We need 3 more”
“We won!”
“I need 1 more to get to 8”