Persevering and developing concentration

We have been trying out ideas, persevering and concentrating in our play. Sometimes we flit about but when we are really interested in something we can concentrate for quite a long time. This will develop as we mature – most of us are only four years old!

Have a look.

Looking after animals in the Animal Hospital.
Taking time to build a model – a sea monster. The neck got longer and longer!
Looking carefully to match pieces.
Using shapes to create a castle. Can you see how carefully the shapes have been chosen?
In the hairdressers.
Mixing up the hair dye!
Drawing around shapes to create a picture. This is a bird.
Telling stories.
Playing a game outside – lots of us kept on going to see if we could get more points.
Someone was a bit nervous to climb up the slide and jump off but he kept on trying and he did it!
Building a dragon – we added wings to it after chatting about what a dragon needed.