Yesterday, some of the children were talking about the dinosaur-themed lunch they were going to have. This then sparked off some learning about dinosaurs! At snack time, we talked about what we already knew about dinosaurs and then used an information book to find out more. As we have some dinosaur experts in the class, we knew they were extinct, that some of them had big teeth and that they had long names which can be hard to pronounce!

We had a look at the pictures and text in the book, interpreting the size of some of the dinosaurs and noticing their features. It told us if they had a feature which helped protect themselves, such as a long tail or a knobbly head, and also if they were plant or meat eaters.

A lot of our learning comes from children’s comments and interests, rather than the traditional topic based approach. One strand of our curriculum is Understanding Our World and we have enjoyed learning from each other to find out about the world.

“That one’s really big!”
“That looks strange…it has a bumpy head!”
Someone continued to look at the book during Independent Learning and saw this picture, finding out that dinosaurs hatched from eggs,