Some of our learning

Even though we are nearing the end of term, we haven’t slowed down and we are still learning lots! In our Talking and Listening times, we have been:

  • learning what sounds look like
  • playing phonics games – practising blending and segmenting as well as using picture clues for words which cannot be decoded
  • playing adding and subtraction games
  • finding out about each other’s Christmas tree decorations
  • having lots of discussions about topics of interest e.g water, magnets, animals, elves
  • playing spot the difference
  • singing Christmas songs

In our Independent Learning, we are very much working on taking turns and listening to each other. Here we are enjoying ourselves:

“Do you want to come and look at my safari?”
Playing a Maths game
A Toy Factory – some of us were elves and Evil Frost from the Panto!
“I made a bag”
“A candy car”
“My family and my friends”
Making a list of everyone’s names