Home Learning 11.1.21

Good Morning everyone. Moving into the second week of home learning we thought we might explore the outside a little bit today.

Reading and communication

It is quite frosty and cold at the moment. A nice conversation with the children about the weather is a great start.

What does it feel and look like? Can they tell you why it is like this (winter time) What are the other seasons? Talk about any differences they know about the seasons eg. summer is hot – winter is cold. A walk outside while your chat is happening would be a lovely opportunity as you could also talk about how you warm up as you walk, get red cheeks and yet still have cold fingers!

When you return pick up on some of the words they mentioned eg. sunny, snow and write them down with some easy pictures. You could then pop them into word and picture sentences for reading. We can read the high frequency words but remember to use the initial sound and picture as some words we cannot sound out at this stage of our phonics learning.


Making 10 is a great game which can be easily played using a 10 frame.

Draw a frame with 10 boxes and use counters or buttons as the pieces.

Fill some of the boxes with counters and the children can count how many more they need to make 10. With practice the children will visually recognise how many counters are on the frame without counting even when in different places. They will also be learning how many ways we can make 10 and building towards their number bonds.

Have a good day.