Home Learning 14.1.21

An active start today. All you need is a dice and your trainers:)

Follow the instructions below to play this PE game. If you have a brother or sister play this game with them. Make sure you give yourself some space, if it isn’t raining use the garden!

You could think of some different activities for each number and create your own game.

Hand writing

Now we have learnt our initial sounds we can begin to practise our handwriting beyond our names. We will make a start with our ladder letter family but first let us have a look at how we hold our pencil correctly. We use a pinch grip between our thumb and forefinger, resting the pencil on our third finger.

If your child finds it tricky, there is a way to help hold the pencil properly. Follow the short clip below:

Now have a look at the next link and practise your handwriting.