Home learning 15.1.21

Have a go at this strategy game. You might need to play it a few times, then you can think about what you need to do to help you win. You need to be looking carefully! If this is too tricky, try naughts and crosses first, encouraging your child to look carefully at what their opponent is doing, as well as what they are doing!

Estimating and counting

Take a handful of objects (anything you like – Lego, counters, stones, beads) and ask your child to estimate how many you have. Then count them, lining them up and thinking about if it was a good guess or not.

Were there are lot? Was it easy to guess?

Was there a small amount? Was it easy to guess?

Were you close with your guess? How do you know?

“I guessed there were 12 but there was 14…so if I look at the number line I know I was quite close. I thought there was 1, 2 more”

Swap over and let your child have a go. Try with different objects and see if they notice anything.