Home Learning 26.01.21

This morning we start with a story using a variety of prompts I have collected. I have remembered to use the signs for Once Upon a Time and The End. I hope you enjoy:)

Now your activity is to collect a few items, they could be toys, things you like, an item of clothing or food even. Can the children tell a story using the prompts?

They can be used in any order, remember it will be completely fictional and therefore variant in its telling. Start with Once upon a time and encourage children to include a bit of detail if they can. ie The sheep put on a thick, woolly hat to keep warm.

This activity lends itself nicely to making a list of the items in the story. Verbally is great, using robot arms as in the video and breaking down each sound you can hear.

Dog is d-o-g Hat is h-a-t

A written list is a good challenge, remembering that at this stage we are looking for phonetic order as a preliminary skill to correct spelling

dinosaur may appear written as dnosr

happy may be h-a-p-ee

Have a good day:)