Home Learning 27.01.21

Writing practise

This week one of your friends sent in a lovely, kind message she had written to her grandparents as she was missing them. It was very thoughtful so it has inspired today’s activity.

Can the children write a message to a friend or family. We know the word ‘To’ and ‘from’ after writing our christmas cards in school. Ask the children what they would like to say and then support them verbally with the sounds they can hear if a word is segmented. Please encourage the children to write independently as this is part of the learning process.

Nanny may be n-a-n-ee

miss may be m-i-s

hope may be h-o-p

Once the children have written their messages, they can decorate it with drawings of the people they care about.

I really look forward to sharing these later this week. It will be lovely to see your messages for each other and will make a page full of happiness for everyone.