Home Learning 28.01.21

PE activity

Good Morning everyone. Today the children will be practising a little bit of target practise.

If it is not raining, this is a great activity to take outside. Use hoops or chalk to make targets. Mark a line to stand at and then using your beanbags try to land one in each target.

If you are indoors maybe using boxes or baskets as your targets and rolled up socks if no beanbags.

This game can be tailored to whatever you want it to be. Each target could be worth 1 point or maybe 2 and 3.

Create a score sheet to record your results by either using tallying or writing down each individual score. Then count your score up.

If the children have recorded their score using numbers this will involve some adding. Use objects or draw dots to help the children accumulate their score.

Or your child may be ready to use a calculation so talk about the plus and equals signs and model the calculation needed. Objects or fingers may still be needed to complete the calculation and in this example we would use ‘3 add 1 more equals 4.’

Enjoy 🙂