Home Learning 29.1.21

Good morning! Have a go at these activities.


Practise the long ladder letters or one armed robot letters again.

Long ladder: l, t, i, j, u,y

One armed robot: r, n, m, h, p, b, k

You can use this website to show the children how to form the letters, starting at the top and going down. Remember to hold the pencil with the correct grip. For a change, use something else to write with e.g a paintbrush and water outside, again holding the paintbrush with the pencil grip, chalk, bath crayons etc.


You could also practise writing the tricky words I, my, the, to, no, go,

Ordering by size

Gather together as many stuffed toys as you can. Now order them from the biggest to the smallest. When we talk about size, we are talking about the ‘biggness’ of them, rather than just the height.

Encourage the words bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest, tiniest, littlest, bigger than, smaller than etc.

When ordered, you can ask:

Find me the toy which is bigger than the _____

Which toy is bigger than the ____ but smaller than the ____?

Which is just a tiny bit smaller than the _____?

Build-A-Bear Compatibility Guide from Be My Bear