Home learning 7.1.21

Here are some activities for today.

Number splat

Write numbers outside or on paper and spread them out. Say a number for your child to splat, using a fly swat or similar! Try numbers to 20, but if your child finds it tricky, try numbers to 10 first.

If your child knows their numbers, you can also ask:

Splat the number that come after 15.

Splat the number that is 1 more than 10.

Splat the number that comes before 5.

Drawing shapes

Practise drawing circles, squares, rectanges, triangles, semi circles etc. You may need to model how to do this, showing jow to draw sides and corners. Then turn them into things! This will encourage lots of discussion about shapes, so encourage children to use words such as sides, corners, round, pointy, long, short etc.