Home learning 8.1.21

Here are some games for today.

Lego subtraction race

Make a tower of 10. You can also use a smaller or larger amount, depending on your child. Take turns to roll the dice and subtract that many bricks, until you get to 0. The first person to 0 wins! Your child may use their fingers to work out how many left or they might count the remainder.This game encourages the use of lots of discussion about subtraction, so model using it too.

“I’ve got to takeaway 2…so 10 takeaway 1 is 9, takeaway another is 8”

“I’ve got 6 and I have to subtract 1…that’s 5”

“I’ve got 4 left”

“I’ve got to roll a 2 because then I will have 0!”

I usually play this with a 1,2,3 dice which you can make yourself out of a wooden building block or something similar.

Tricky words scavenger hunt

Learn to read some new tricky words: he, she, me, be, we. Write them on paper and hide them around the house for your child to read.