Home learning 5.2.21

It is February already! Have a good day.

Scavenger hunt

Go on a walk and look for things in the local environment – here are some ideas: a road sign, a bird, number 10, a bus, flowers. Tick them off when you see them. Discuss where might be best to find them and why. Check for understanding e.g What does that sign mean? Where might we find some flowers? What sort of bird was that? How could we find out?

Counting back

Make a number line and practise counting backwards. The numberline can be going downwards like a ladder or across. We are pretty good at counting back from 10, so you probably will need to work back from higher numbers: start counting back from 12 then see how your child gets on. They could jump along the numberline, move an animal along it, splat the numbers or come up with their own way to practise!

Childhood Beckons: Number Line Fun

If they are a whizz at this, say some numbers e.g 14,13,12 and they have to continue the next three numbers counting back