Home Learning 10.2.21

Today we are going to be Scientists and complete an experiment. There are a few things you will need for us to explore floating and sinking.

A bowl or bucket of water is necessary, along with a complete mixture of things from around the house to test. I’ve gathered some examples to show you.

Before you put them in the water, talk about what we think float and sink mean.

Float means something will stay on top of the water.

Sink means it will fall to the bottom.

Why might that be? Introduce the vocabulary heavy and light. You could mime picking up something really heavy and then something as light as a feather.

Does it matter whether it is big or little?

Have a look at the items you’ve gathered and have a guess, or predict, which ones will float or sink, encourage an explanation. Feel each item to test the weight. Is it heavier than the last item?

Then you’re ready to start the experiment. Carefully place the item on top of the water. Look at how quickly it sinks. Is it straight away or a little more slowly? Or does it stay floating on the top? Did you guess correctly?

You can record your experiment on a table as you go, like the example below. You might draw the items you are testing or write down a list. Make sure it is clear whether they sank or floated.

Have a great time experimenting.