Home Learning 11.11.21

Two activities for today, firstly practising some handwriting and secondly a maths game.

We are going to start to look at the curly caterpillar letters.

Have a look at the video below to help you. Don’t forget to hold your pencil correctly and keep your arm resting on the paper as you write. Before you start writing use your finger to draw the letter in the air.

Noughts and crosses

You need to draw a grid of nine boxes. Use a paper and pencil or you could use counters so you don’t have to keep drawing your grid.

The object of the game is to get a line of three in a row. Remember your line must be straight and not wiggly! It can go from top to bottom, side to side or diagonally through the middle. BUT while you are trying to get three in a row you must keep an eye on the other player and STOP them from getting a three in a row before you. There is a lot to think about.