Home Learning 12.2.21

Heading into the holiday week I thought it might be nice to collect together a box of happy things. You might use a bag or a box depending on what you have available to you.

Choose things to put in that make you feel happy or remind you of a good time and bring back good memories.

You might put in a photo of your family, grandparents or friends. Or a drawing you did that you are proud of. It could be a favourite toy you spend a lot of time playing with or that makes you smile when you give it a cuddle. You might put in your best jumper because it makes you feel warm and cosy or your prettiest dress because you like to dress up. It might be your favourite christmas present because you were so pleased and surprised to receive it or the book you enjoy reading most. (This is a limitless list and it is important the children choose their own things).

Once you have chosen your things and put them in the bag, choose one thing at a time and talk about why you chose it. Why does it make you feel happy? Why is this item special to you?

I’ve filled my bag with my happy things to share with you below.