Home learning 2.2.21


Pingu and similar cartoons are great for comprehension skills. Watch (up to 4.46) and ask questions to develop understanding, stopping the cartoon as you go along.

Who are the characters?

Why did Pingu take the rabbit away? What did his little brother/sister think about that? How would you feel?

What happened to the rabbit?

What might mum and dad be saying to Pingu?

How did Pingu feel when the seal was playing with the rabbit? Can you make his face?

How did Pingu get the rabbit back?

What sort of ending was it? Happy, sad, surprising, funny?


Write something about Pingu. It might be words or a phrase – think about what your child can do. Here are some videos to help. It is important they begin to sound words out and use their tricky words: avoid giving them lots of words to copy (the odd word is fine, as shown in the video). We are in the early stages of writing so don’t worry too much if it doesn’t ‘look right’.