Home Learning 22.2.21

Good morning. We hope you have had a good half term. Today, we are learning a digraph which is often forgotten about. A digraph is 2 letters which make 1 sound. We often say they are ‘friends’. Then we are counting in 2s.


We put our hands like a duck’s beak and say qu, qu, qu.

Play a game of Pairs with qu words: quiz, quit, quick, quack, quilt, squid.

Read sentences and questions by numbering them and picking a number to read.

  1. We had a quiz.

2. He has to be quick.

3. Can a hen quack?

4. A quilt on the bed.

You can also practise writing qu words – sound them out using robot arms.

Counting in 2s

Practise counting in 2s, first up to 10 and then further. Think of an action to do as you count e.g clap 2,4,6,8,10, jump, nod or stamp.

Then gather some shoes and count them in 2s.