Home learning 25.1.21

Good morning. We are playing a game and getting moving today.

Lego subtraction

  • Each player starts with 10 bricks (you can change the starting amount to a lower or higher number).
  • Take it in turns to roll a dice and take that amount away.
  • First player to knock all their bricks down is the winner.

Your child will probably count the remainder to work out how many they have left. A more difficult skill is to count back e.g if they have 10 and they roll a 3, knowing that 1 less is 9, 2 less is 8 and 3 less is 7.

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Kitchen Disco

At school, we like moving to music as we play games in Phonics and PE. Choose your favourite songs and have a kitchen disco! Move however you like (safely!) and enjoy yourself.