Home learning 26.2.21

Happy Friday!


We are going to make a monster today. Start off by drawing a shape for a body – whatever shape you like. Then roll the dice a few times (I did 8) and see how your monster ends up looking!

Image result for drawing monster game for kids
Mine ended up looking like this!

Coin memory game

You will need some coins or something similar e.g counters, lego bricks, buttons. It should lead into a nice discussion about coins and their value. If your child finds this tricky, use less coins. You can encourage them to think about the colour, size and shape of the coins to help.

  • Choose 5 coins and place it in a certain sequence.
  • Ask your child to look at the coins and then cover them with a cloth.
  • Ask them to pick up coins from the pile and arrange them in the same order as what was shown.
  • Reveal your coins and see if they were correct.