Home Learning 8.2.21

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Onto our new week of home learning and the first activity today is a game we’ve played in school before. It is great for practising sounds and testing our memories.

Kim’s game

Choose a max of 10 items to place on a tray. You can see my choices below. Talk about each item on the tray. What is it? How could you use the item? What sound can you hear at the beginning of the word. Then count all the items together.

Now, cover the items with a cloth and the child closes their eyes while you remove one item. Uncover the tray, open eyes and the child has to spot what is missing. A good challenge is to remove 2 items later when the you are in the swing of the game.

Counting in two’s

This one is helpful with the laundry! Can the children pair up a pile of socks.

Talk about which things come in two’s such as shoes, socks, ears, gloves etc and explain we call this a pair. Show them how to put them together, can they manage to fold them in to each other.

With your pile of socks laid out in a line, practise counting in two’s.

2, 4, 6, 8, 10