Home Learning 9.2.21

Quick change of plan with todays learning! As we’ve had so much snow I thought it would be lovely if we could create a snowy picture.

Look outside your window into the garden. Some of you may have been out playing and built a snowman. Some of your gardens may be untouched and the snow is still laying flat and smooth. Look at how the snow lays along the tree branches or balances on top of the plants. What is hiding underneath the piles of snow?

To create your picture you might use paint and different brushes or stamps to show the snow. One of the children in school yesterday painted themself and their family walking in the snow.

You might choose to use tissue paper or cotton wool for your snow adding a different texture. Whatever you choose I’m looking forward to seeing your art work.

Once you’ve made your picture write a sentence about the snow or about your picture. Carefully, think about the sounds you can hear when you say the words you want to write.

You may be able to use some of our tricky words or high frequency words as well.