Home Learning 1.3.21

An outside activity to start today. Whether you go for a walk or pop into the garden for some fresh air, you need to collect some things of interest while you are out. You might find some different leaves, some twigs, some stones or a feather. As it is winter, it will be a little trickier to find a range of objects so you will have to keep your eyes open and do some detective style searching as you go.

Also keep your eyes open for any litter, if you see some pop it in the bin. Talk about why we use the bin for our rubbish. Why is it important? What would happen if everyone dropped their rubbish and left it on the floor? This video will help to explain a little.


Once you’ve arrived home use the objects you have found to create a picture. If you lay the items out without sticking them down, you will be able to create lots of different pictures. It was raining when I went out but I still managed to find a few different things to use in my picture.

As you create your pictures write a label for each one using some of our tricky words such as ‘my’ or ‘the’. Here are some of my pictures to help you.