Characteristics of Effective Learning

When children learn, we need to think about how they learn. These are the Characteristics of Effective Learning.

Playing and Exploring (having interests, using available resources)

Active Learning (having a go, persevering, concentrating)

Creating and Thinking Critically (having ideas and trying them out, solving problems)

At school, children develop these through their Independent Learning (play). We also have taught sessions, such as Phonics and Maths, and hopefully children will use what they have learned in their own play. We will always encourage children to try things, offer support where needed and help them to make the right choices, but we not always telling children what to do as they need opportunities to explore and develop their own ideas. We feel this is very important and this is at the heart of how children learn. Children will not become independent unless they are allowed to do things for themselves.

Here are some examples of how we see the Characteristics of Effective Learning in children’s play.

Using the playdough, this child made some doughnuts using the parts available to him. You can see how he took great care in forming and decorating them. He concentrated well for a sustained period of time. He them showed other children how to make them.
These children showed enjoyment in travelling along this course. It was more challenging as there were a stack of tyres to balance on, so it made them have ago and try again when they fell off. They watched each other for ideas of how to move around it.
Here, we set up a Vets using the available resources. We discussed what we do at a Vets and the children decided who each person could be. They had ideas as to what was wrong with the animals and maintained interest for a long time.
This child chose a book and told me he wanted to get some fish. He looked at it carefully and talked about the different creatures, showing he had some good vocabulary.
This child showed great creativity as he built his model. He had an idea and adapted his model, trying out and choosing the exact pieces he wanted. He used his knowledge of Jurrasic World to help him.