First week back roundup

Our first week back has been a super one! We are very proud of how the children have settled back into school. For some children, it will take time to get used to being back at school but they are all managing brilliantly.

As mentioned in the Gold Book post, we will be focusing on being resilient and giving things a try. We feel this is an important area to work on due to the current circumstances. You can encourage this at home by using similar language – having a go, practising, not giving up, keeping on trying, you can do it.

Here we are in our Independent Learning. As usual, we have also been reading, writing, playing Maths and Phonics games and have had lots of conversations about the world. Today, I have had chats about rubbish and recycling, The Bermuda Triangle and Jujitsu!

One of our boys set up a Jujitsu house and taught his friends some moves!