Home Learning 4.3.21

It is World Book Day! Our home learning gives you choices today so have a look through and pick one activity. First thing you need to do is choose your favourite story book and have a good read through with someone. Then decide which of the following three pieces of learning you would like to do.

  • Make a short video. Talk about what you can see on the cover. Who are the characters? Why do you like it? Which picture is your favourite? We’ve made a short video each to show our fav storybooks.
  • Paint or draw a picture of your favourite storybook character. Label it using your sounds to help. You might tell us what they are wearing, how they look or what sort of character they are.

He has a black hat

She is funny

He is big

  • Draw pictures to tell us the story. Use simple pictures for each stage of the story. Think what happens next to help you and then retell the story using your pictures.