Home Learning 5.3.21

The last day of the week and the last home learning to be set! We are really looking forward to settling everyone back into school on Monday 🙂

Start today with a good stretch and follow the cosmic yoga below.

After you’ve stretched we have a strategy game to play. It’s called squares.

On a piece of paper draw 5 dots in a row and complete 5 rows as in the picture below.

This is a two player game. Each player can draw one straight line from dot to dot with each go either straight across or up and down. The idea is that you create squares which you can put your initial in if you complete the square with your line.

For simplicity, draw just one line each, even when you finish a square. We will build up to taking another turn and gaining a string of boxes another time!

The winner is the player who has the most squares with their name in when all the boxes are filled up. Good luck and enjoy:)