Mother’s Day discussion and comments

Mother's Day - Thatchers Hotel

For our Talking and Listening time, we discussed Mother’s Day. Some of us knew about Mother’s Day and used some good words to describe it.

“It’s a day when we say thank you to Mummy”

“We will give them a card and a present”

“They look after us and give us nice things”

“It’s when we celebrate”

“It’s a celebration, like Christmas!”

“I am going to hang bunting”

“We give them stuff”

We watched a short clip on Espresso to find out more. We saw that long ago children would pick flowers for their Mother and that sometimes it is called Mothering Sunday. It also falls in the Lent period and we saw that sometimes a special cake might be eaten.

Then we sat in a circle and had a think about what is good about our Mummy. If we wanted to, we could take a beanbag and tell the rest of the class our thoughts. We listened to the ideas and came up with some lovely comments about our Mummies!

“She makes me pancakes”

“She gives me a big, big cuddle and I love my Mummy”

“I go into her bed and she gives me a cuddle”

“She makes me cupcakes”

“She buys me stuff”

“She makes me hot chocolate when I wake up”

“She reads me a story in bed”

“She makes cakes and we work as a team”

“She tucks me up and bed and she sings me my favourite duck song”

“She looks after me when I am sick in bed”