New digraphs

We have been recapping the digraphs we should already know, as well as learning some new ones. A digraph is two letters which make one sound. We already know ck, ll, ss, ff, zz, qu. We need to be able to read and spell them, so look out for them when reading and listen out for them when writing! Here we are showing you the actions.

Be a donkey and say ee. Words with ee: see, bee, feet, deep, bee, keep
Stick your tongue out like a silly clown and say th. Words with th: this, then, that, with
Move your hands like the wheels and pistons on a train and say ch. Words with ch: Chip, chop, chin, check, chick, chat,
Put your finger to your lips and say sh. Do not stick your tongue out! Words with sh: shop, ship, shed, fish, wish, shell
Be strong and lift up some weights saying ng. Words with ng: ring, sing, song, wing, hang, bang, long