Reading recap

We hope you are enjoying reading at home with your child. If you have any questions about how to support your child with their reading, please come and speak to us. We make comments in the yellow book about the reading strategies we are working on, which will help you to do the same at home.


  • Talk about the front cover and pictures first. You need to check your child’s understanding.
  • Tricky words such as the, to, are, they cannot be sounded out and need to be learned by sight. Then your child can spot them as they are reading sentences.
  • Encourage your child to use sounds and pictures to help read other words. Some words such as can, went, on, get are phonetically plausible and can be sounded out. Others will not be phonetically plausible, so children need to use pictures. If a book is about the big bad wolf, they will not be able to sound out wolf, so you can say “What does that word begin with? Can you see something in the picture beginning with a w? That’s right, it is a w for wolf.”
  • Encourage your child to remember repeated words. If the word Molly is on every page, say “That says Molly, can you try and remember it? It will be on every page. There is a big M for Molly”. As memory builds, they will be able to remember more words.
  • Once your child has worked out the text, encourage them to reread the sentences so that they can hear what they have read.

Happy reading!