Being creative


We encourage the children to be creative in their learning as being creative will help them in all areas of the curriculum. It is not just about being good at Art, but about being imaginative and interested, making connections, having ideas, trying them out and thinking about what to do if something doesn’t work.

Finding a ladybird led to a discussion about insects.
These boys explored why things happen and how things work.
Lots of us are interested in portals and we have been making up stories about them.
We try out ideas and see if they work – we might need to fix them.
These children put their ideas together to create the Eiffel Tower with chocolate factories next to it, decorated with lights and flags.
Children in RB used the resources available to them to make masks.
These girls played a Guess What It Is building game.
A lovely message written to a friend.
Making up games – you had to roll the dice and move along the number line. The first person to 11 was the winner.