Writing about butterflies

A member of our class has some butterflies and we looked at some photos of them. We discussed how they start as an egg and then grow and change to become a butterfly. Then we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, drawing comparisons to what we had just talked about.

Today, we have been doing some writing about butterflies. Writing is something we need to try very hard at, as there are lots of skills involved. We have to: think about what to write, remember the word order, use our sounds and tricky words, write the words and then some of us are trying to remember finger spaces and a full stop as well!

You can support your child in their writing by working with them on:

  • letter formation
  • segmenting (saying the sounds in words) and spelling them e.g d-u-ck, f-r-o-g, h-a-pp-y
  • spelling tricky words from memory
  • writing: cards, labels for pictures, lists and messages

Remember, some of the words won’t look ‘right’ to us, but that’s fine! They need to be using sounds so that words are phonetically plausible as well as writing some tricky words correctly. Happy might look like hapee, tongue might look like tung.