We had a visitor: a beekeeper! Mrs Wilson is a beekeeper and she told us lots of interesting things about how she looks after her bees. She showed us the equipment she needs to use and explained all about worker bees, queen bees, hives, nectar, honey, cells and lots more! The adults were also very surprised to hear some of the facts!

Mrs Wilson has to use a machine to extract the honey.

Only honeybees make honey, so today we looked at some different types of bees.

Honey Bees Are Contaminated With Pesticides, Study Says | Time
A honey bee is thinner and has stripes.
Researchers emphasise that bumble bees need biodiversity
Some bumblebees have a white bottom.
Grey Mining Bee | NatureSpot
We were surprised to see a black and white bee!
The queen stays in the hive.
The queen bee is bigger.
Bees poo (but not in their hive!)
We found out that bees and wasps are not friends! Wasps try and get into the hive so the beekeepers have to make the door smaller. The queen is the boss and the worker bees do the work for her.