Year 6 Enterprise event


On Friday 25th June, the Year 6 children have arranged their Enterprise event on the field for the rest of the school to visit and take part in. There will be games of skill or games of chance for the children to have a go at and prizes galore. All children will be able to attend however, if you would like them to have a go at the games they will need to purchase some tickets. It is a fun event that also helps Reception children to build on their independence skills as they choose which games to try and the management of their own tickets.

The tickets will be on sale on THURSDAY morning at the following rates:

1 ticket = 30p, 3 tickets = 80p, 4 tickets = £1.00 and 9 tickets = £2 ( this is the maximum allowed)

Please send any money in a named envelope with the number of tickets you would like to buy on the front. This will make ticket purchasing much simpler – thank you.

EYFS team