Last week, RJ watched the Espresso news and found out that during January there is something called the Big Schools Birdwatch. We decided that this week we could go out birdwatching and count how many birds we see.

So each day, a group of us have gone out in the morning (because on the news they said that is the best time) and looked for birds. We have seen them on the fence, on aerials, in trees and on the ground. We can hear them cheeping and singing, too! We have a book in our book basket about birds, so we have found out the names of some of the birds we can see, looking carefully at the colour of them. During the week, we have seen magpies, blackbirds, robins, blue tits, pigeons, seagulls, doves and some brown birds which may be female blackbirds or sparrows – it was hard to tell! We have a lovely new bird hide at the top of the field, so we sat in there and birdwatched. We had to be quiet and have our wits about us as birds are fast and fly away!

RB are going out birdwatching next week and later in the month there is a Big Garden Birdwatch, so maybe you can join in at home.

We kept tally marks of how many we saw.
We made our own pictures of birds using an information sheet – some we had seen but some we hadn’t.