Adding bears – subitising and calculating


Miss J told some number stories and we had to use our subitising and calculating skills. We recognised the groups of bears and then calculated how many altogether. We could use our number facts to help us. We also used the 10 frame to help us see how many altogether.

One day, some bears had a picnic. The yellow bears and green bears had a picnic. How many altogether? We saw there were 4 yellow bears (2 and 2 = 4) and 2 green so 4 and 2 makes 6!

The red bears went fishing, How many went? There are 5 little bears and 1 big bear. We know that 5 and 1 makes 6.

Some bears went to Goldilocks’ house. The little red and little yellow bears went. How many went altogether? There are 5 little red bears and 2 little yellow bears. Look at the 10 frame: 5 and 2 makes 7.