Holy Council Assembly on 11th January 2019 – Joseph’s Dream

Today the Holy Council and some children from Year 2 helped to tell the story of Joseph including all his dreams.

The Opening of the Prayer Garden — 24th April 2019

Today we welcomed Archdeacon Robin King to Kelvedon to officially open our Prayer Garden.

The Service began with an explanation of how the Prayer Garden came about. All the people involved were thanked for their contributions and hard work.

The Holy Council read some moving prayers that they had written.

The Archdeacon gave a short talk on the theme of seeds. He then cut the ribbon with the help of a member of the Holy Council.

After that the choir sang some songs to celebrate the opening of our Prayer Garden.

Following the service, the guests were invited to stay for refreshments under our new canopy.

Holy Council Assembly on 10th July 2019

Being a Member of the Crew

Today the Holy Council led the KS1 and KS2 assemblies on the theme of ‘Being a Member of the Crew’. They showed three videos of school scenarios which they had filmed and asked the children watching to tell them who wasn’t being a member of the crew in each film and what they were doing wrong. Then the children watching were asked what the person in the film could do instead to be a member of the crew.

After that the Holy Council acted out the story of Jesus healing the paralysed man. They explained that the man’s four friends had to co-operate in this story in order for the man to be healed.